Research on UDL Implementation

The literature base on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) includes a wide range of articles about how UDL can be applied in various educational contexts. The UDL literature base  conceptual, descriptive, and research-based articles.  On this webpage, we focus on research studies on UDL.

The UDL-IRN Research Committee has identified research studies on UDL and constructed an organizational scheme that categorizes the studies.  The diagram below represents the four main categories that emerge from the existing research base. 

The searchable database below provides information on studies under each category in K-12 and higher educational environments. The information includes the complete reference and brief abstract of the study.

The inclusion criteria for studies selected for the first three categories are:

  1. empirical studies (using qualitative and quantitative research designs)
  2. published in peer-reviewed journals
  3. K-12 and/or higher educational environments

In the fourth category (Other Resources for UDL Research), we have included articles that relate to UDL research and provide tools and resources for UDL researchers.

 Citation: Rao, K., Smith, S. & Lowrey, K.A., (2016) UDL-IRN Research Database. Retrieved from

Citation: Rao, K., Smith, S. & Lowrey, K.A., (2016) UDL-IRN Research Database. Retrieved from

Search through the research literature aggregated and organzied by the UDL-IRN Research Committee

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Database is currently updated with articles published as of August 2016.  We welcome information on UDL research studies to add to this database. Please email us at and send us the reference for articles that meet the inclusion criteria. The UDL-IRN Research Committee will review submissions.