Upcoming UDL-IRN Events

 Three women take notes during a 2017 UDL-IRN Summit presentation

Three women take notes during a 2017 UDL-IRN Summit presentation

UDL-IRN International Summit

The UDL-IRN hosts an annual Summit every spring. The 2018 Summit is scheduled for April 25-27 in Orlando, FL at the Doubletree at the Entrance to Universal Studios. 

UDL-IRN Hosted events

The UDL-IRN will be hosting and co-hosting conferences, beginning with United States based locations and spreading internationally. 

There are several types of events in which the UDL-IRN is interested in hosting:

  • Ignite: The ignite event is focused on starting a UDL thought process within a specific region.  
  • Capacity: A capacity event is focused on supporting the growth and development of UDL implementation with a specific regional.
  • Sustainability: A sustainability event is focused on continuing the maintenance of UDL implementation within a region.  
  • Blended: A blended event may combine more than one type of an event (e.g., ignite, capacity, sustainability) based on the needs of a given region.  
  • Targeted Summit or Gathering: Brings together a group of people around targeted need. Examples might include a research event or a education leadership event.

There are several audiences in which these events could pertain to, such as teachers, administrators, higher education, educational organizations, and ed-tech leaders. If there is an event in your area in which the topic pertains to or interests you, plan on attending. We hope you will join us!

To see an example of a co-hosted regional event, visit the UDL-IRN Great Lakes page

If you are interested in co-hosting a UDL Event with the UDL-IRN, please contact McKenzie Nicholis at mckenzie.nicholis@udl-irn.org