UDL-IRN Created Resources

In order to support implementation and research focused on UDL we have started to develop resources for helping educators, education leaders, and researchers share common dialogue as well as practice. We have thought of these resources as puzzle pieces that will eventually come together to develop a more complete picture for scaling the practice of UDL. As both implementation and research bring new understanding the puzzle pieces may also change— these are living documents. Our intent is to eventually provide forums for members to discuss. Share thoughts, and even contribute to these documents.   


Beliefs of UDL in Practice: Provides a living belief statement about what UDL is within the instructional environment.  


Critical Elements: Developed in collaboration with the Michigan Integrated Technology Supports, these elements provide a foundation for what it means to minimally align with UDL instructional practice. 


Instructional Process: Provides a 5-step instructional planning process to follow when using the UDL instructional framework.    


A Blueprint for UDL (PDF):  Provides a plan with essential elements and recommendations for designing and implementing UDL.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.