2018 International UDL-IRN Summit (5th Annual)

We are looking forward to the 2018 UDL-IRN International Summit (April 25-27th) in Orlando, FL. We hope to see you there! Learn More about this upcoming event.

Past UDL-IRN Summits

The UDL-IRN hosts summits annually that focus on UDL implementation and associated research.  The intent of the summits is to gather practitioners and researchers to discuss the systematic implementation of UDL in pre-school, K-12 and higher education classrooms. The summits are a unique opportunity to collaborate with a select group of leaders who are actively engaged in UDL implementation efforts.

Below are links to information from previous summits, including downloadable PDF collections of the proceedings.

 Links to the 2016 UDL-IRN webpages

Links to the 2016 UDL-IRN webpages

See the 2017 UDL-IRN Summit Proceedings (password protected). You can also visit the 2017 UDL-IRN Summit website here.



2016 UDL-Summit
Collected Proceedings.pdf