Education Internship Opportunity

for Advanced Graduate Students

Internship specifics

  • This internship will be mostly virtual, as most activities will occur remotely (through electronic communications).
  • Participation in the annual Summit is expected, but financial support will be provided.
  • A member of the UDL-IRN board and a faculty member at the institution will supervise the internship jointly wherever the intern is currently enrolled.
  • As negotiated by the intern, sponsoring faculty member and the UDL-IRN board, the internship may either last one or two semesters.
  • The responsibilities of the intern are inherently flexible (will be discussed and determined during the application and intake process). Some duties may include:
    • Supporting UDL-IRN committees in research, policy or implementation needs
    • Assisting with planning UDL-IRN meetings
    • Conducting research for the UDL-IRN
    • Conducting outreach efforts locally
    • Attending UDL-IRN meetings

Minimum Qualifications

  • Advanced graduate student in education or an education related field.
  • Demonstrated interest in UDL and its development.
  • A moderate level of technology skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and respond to short turnaround timelines.


Professional Growth

Being a member of the IRN puts you into the thick of cutting edge discussions among UDL scholars from around the country and the world! UDL is appearing in federal and state policy in exponential ways including its most recent appearance in the newly minted Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA 2016). However, there is a rift between policy and procedure. Many educators are not yet clear as to what UDL is or how to practice it. There has never been a better time to emerge as a UDL scholar. The professional development thus afforded by networking with some of the top UDL scholars in the world via the IRN is invaluable.


Being an intern with the IRN is intentionally flexible. During the initial interview to determine candidacy, we will ask you to share your skills and interests and we will dialogue about ways that those skills and interests may be able to be applied in the context of the IRN. It is also flexible in that, unlike most internships, most of your work will be done on your time and in your place. We mostly collaborate online. We would ask you to attend digital meetings about once per month. We recognize that graduate students will be in different stages of their studies and will have differing capacity to commit time. We will work with you to negotiate expectations that work for you and for everybody.

Resume/CV Boost

Letters of recommendation and commendation from outside your own institution demonstrate your seriousness about networking and getting involved as a scholar in education. Further, if you are looking to secure a tenured faculty position, universities look for three things in candidates: publications/presentations, teaching and service. Interning with the IRN provides you opportunities for both service and publications/presentations (through exposure to current trends in research, ability to network/collaborate with other researchers, as well as being offered opportunities to prepare work to present at the annual summit).

Financial Support for Attending the Summit

Interns will receive complimentary admission to the annual UDL-IRN summit; additional financial assistance (e.g. hotel provision) may be negotiated as needed.

Application Process

Please send inquires or submit the following to Eric Moore (

  • A cover letter with the following information:
    • Why are you interested in this internship?
    • What experiences/skills do you have that position you to be effective in this internship?
    • How do you envision using the UDL-IRN experience in your future professional endeavors?
    • Are you interested in a one or two semester internship?
  • A letter of recommendation and commitment to participate as an advisor by the faculty member sponsoring the student.
  • Current Curriculum Vita (CV)
  • Writing Sample (Optional)



Eric Moore, UDL-IRN Internship Coordinator