UDL-IRN Network and Learn Series

Some Past Events from the UDL-IRN Network and Learn SerieS

UDL Risks & Rewards: Tips for investing wisely in professional learning

Love UDL and the way it transforms teaching and learning? Want to spread that love to others?  Join the IRN and a panel of experts as we explore current research-based professional learning practices to ensure we make the best use of our time, personnel and other resources as we work to expand knowledge of UDL and support colleagues and staff in deepening their practice.

Kate Edgren, UDL Facilitator, BCSC
Dr. Jenna Gravel, CAST Director of Research and Curriculum for Professional Learning
Dr. Elizabeth Berquist, Coordinator, Professional Growth and Partnerships, Baltimore County Public Schools

Took place on: March 27, 2018

Ask me anything with allison posey!

As the UDL-IRN Summit draws closer we thought it would be an amazing opportunity to showcase some #UDLRockstars from the UDL community and our previous Summits! Who better than Allison Posey from CAST to be part of our upcoming Network & Learn: Ask Me Anything series on Feb 27th? Allison has presented at several of our past Summits always to a packed house and standing ovations. 

Now it’s time for the UDL community to send in, tweet, and join our webinar to ask Allison your burning questions about UDL, Stereotype Threat Analysis, the Engagement Principle, or anything else! Come join us!

Took place: February 27, 2018

Can Educators Afford to Ignore Executive Function? Developing Expert Learners and UDL

What do you consider to be the ultimate goal in education? For educators who embrace the UDL framework, it’s developing learners who are resourceful, knowledgeable, strategic, goal-directed, purposeful and motivated, or expert learners. But what does it take to ensure that all learners become expert learners? And what’s at stake if we don’t? Join the IRN and a panel of UDL and executive function experts as we explore the benefits of addressing executive function and expert learning within the UDL framework.

Alexis Reid, Director of Learning-Based Services, Boston Child Study Center
Lisa Carey, Senior Education Consultant, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Dr. Lisa Jacobson, Faculty Neuropsychologist, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Took place: January 25, 2018

where in the world is udl?

Panel: Chrissie Butler, Inclusive Education/Universal Design for Learning Consultant and Accredited Facilitator, CORE Education
Jennifer Katz, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

This webinar explores different aspects of UDL from the perspectives of Chrissie Butler with CORE Education LLC (New Zealand) and Jennifer Katz with The University of British Columbia (Canada) and developer of the Three Block Model of Universal Design for Learning. Listen in on insightful conversations pertaining to the successful implementation of UDL in classrooms around the world. 

Took place: December 5th, 2017

Stimulating UDL in EdTech and Curriculum Products

UDL isn’t just for educators. With an emphasis on proactive, iterative design to meaningfully address learner variability, EdTech and Curriculum Developers need to adopt and implement UDL into their product design. When designed well, these products can be great enablers and equalizers for all learners. To reduce the barriers for all learners, we need EdTech and Curriculum Products that demonstrate a strong understanding and adherence to the UDL Principles. The UDL-IRN’s EdTech Industry Committee has been working hard on these goals. This webinar reviews progress on two exciting projects that promote tools for increasing awareness, adoption and implementation of UDL within the industry. 

Panel: Sandra Earl, Technical Product Manager, Desire2Learn (D2L); David (“Dock”) Dockterman, Lecturer at Harvard University Graduate School of Education and former Chief Architect, Learning Sciences, HMH; Steve Nordmark, UDL-IRN COO & EdTech Industry Committee Chair, and Technical Assistance Specialist for CAST's AEM Center.

Took place: October 19th, 2017

Ask me anything with Dr. James Basham

If you missed out on September's Network & Learn - not to worry - watch Ask Me Anything with Dr. James Basham here!  Dr. James Basham is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the UDL-IRN and an associate professor at the University of Kansas. His research is focused on learner-centered design, innovation, instruction, and technology in modern learning environments. Watch as Dr. Basham answers important questions about the issues facing educators in the 21st century, including the status of UDL across the world and at the IRN. 

Took place: September 21, 2017

Dialogue about design

As summer closes and your mind turns toward a new school year, join the UDL-IRN as we discuss DESIGN. The IRN is pleased to welcome two innovative guests as we discuss everything from environmental design to learning design. Kim Ducharme, the Director of Educational User Experience Design at CAST, uses Design Thinking to spur innovation and lead the creative process from brainstorming through prototyping to product launch. Tanya Leon is a classroom practitioner teaching middle school ELA in Fraser Public Schools in Michigan. Hear how she used design thinking and the UDL framework to create a student centered learning space. 

See the slide deck here.

Took place: August 17th, 2017


Is technology central to the foundations of UDL? Can the UDL framework stand as a pedagogical framework without technology? How far into the margins can we reach without the use of digital technology to provide access for all? The UDL-IRN and a panel of UDL leaders debates these questions and more regarding the role of technology in UDL. 

Panel: Dr. James Basham, Associate Professor, University of Kansas, UDL-IRN CEO;  Matt Bergman, Learning Technologies Specialist, Milton Hershey School, Hershey, PA; Dr. Kathy Howery, Consultant, kATe Consulting, Alberta, Canada; Dr. Matt Marino, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida, UDL-IRN Leadership Team

Took Place: May 24, 2017 

Ask Me Anything with Kathleen McClaskey, Personalized Learning

The IRN's Bryan Dean sits down with Kathleen McClaskey, CEO and Co-Founder of Personalize Learning, LLC, and co-author of bestseller, Make Learning Personal (2014) and How to Personalize Learning (2016).

Took Place: March 8, 2017

The Relationship between UDL and Inclusive Practices for Individuals with Severe Intellectual Disability

A discussion on the relationship between UDL implementation and inclusive practices. A distinguished panel of experts on individuals with severe intellectual disability, Drs. Dymond, Thoma, and Wehmeyer share their insights and answer questions.

Special Guest Panel: 

Dr. Stacy K. Dymond, Professor, Department of Special Education, University of Illinois; Dr. Colleen Thoma, Department Chair, Counseling and Special Education, Virginia Commonwealth University and Dr. Michael Wehmeyer, Professor of Special Education, University of Kansas, Director and Senior Scientist, Beach Center on Disability

Took Place: Feb 21, 2017

UDL Leaders' Shout out

Top leaders of UDL-IRN talk about what we're up to in 2017. From the upcoming Summit 2017 in March 29-31 in Orlando, to UDL credentials and certifications, it is looking like a busy and constructive year.

Took Place: January 22, 2017

UDL - Leadership Lessons for Growing District Capacity

Panelists: Carrie Wozniak, Assistant Superintendent of Fraser Public Schools and Dr. George Van Horn, Special Education Director of Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

Took Place: November 15, 2016 

"Ask Me Anything!" featuring David Rose

Moderated by Bryan Dean and Sue Harden

Took Place: October 9, 2016

The UDL Research Base: Current Trends and Implications

Panelists: Sean Smith, Alisa Lowrey, Kavita Rao, Brian Wojcik, and Jim Gardner

Took Place: September 12, 2016

Learning is Emotional SEL and UDL, the Connection

Panelists: Bryan Dean, Mindy Johnson, Allison Posey, Alexis Reid

Took Place: August 25, 2016

Summit 2016 Roundtable

Took Place: February 25, 2016

All Means ALL: Including Students with Intensive Support Needs Using the UDL Framework

Took Place: January 7, 2016

Creating a Space to Think Together: Building UDL Design Lab

Took Place: December 3, 2015

Focusing on the "R" in the UDL-IRN: A Look at UDL Research

Took Place: October 14, 2015

Designing for Culture and Environment 

Took Place: September 16, 2015

Developing Expert Learners 

Took Place: June 9, 2015