UDL Great lakes Event:

 UDL-IRN Great Lakes Event: A Focus on UDL Coaching and Implementation October 23rd & 24th 8:30-3:30

UDL-IRN Great Lakes Event: A Focus on UDL Coaching and Implementation October 23rd & 24th 8:30-3:30

The UDL-IRN Great Lakes Regional Event was a Success!

Thank you to all who participated

Hear from the Great Lakes featured national speakers:

This special event was co-convened across three Michigan Immediate School Districts (ISD) and the UDL-IRN.  Participants networked and learned with teachers, school teams, and national leaders. Different from the UDL International Summit, this event provided individual participants and school teams the ability to spend two days focused on implementation of UDL across learning environments.  

Some of the primary topics included:

  • Getting started on UDL implementation
  • Working toward school level implementation 
  • What UDL means for school and district level leaders
  • UDL instructional coaching
  • Growing & sustaining implementation


Two-day agenda:  


Day 1, Monday, October 23, 2017

  • Three areas of focus:

    • Getting started with UDL implementation
    • Setting up your school, team, and instructional coaching model
    • UDL for School & District Leadership 

  • Featured national speakers:

    • Joni Degner, UDL facilitator and ELA Teacher, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC), IN 
    • Bill McGrath,  Instructional Specialist, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD
    • Stephanie Craig- BCSC UDL facilitator and doctoral leadership fellow for University of Kansas 

  • Other highlights include:

    • Breakout and small group sessions with national speakers, implementers from the state of Michigan 
    • Educator resources and giveaways


Teacher Educators and Researchers Engaged with people in the fielD.


Day 2, Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day two extended day one with a focus on UDL school implementation, team planning, coaching, and collaboration. Day two was customized based on attendee needs. National facilitators Stephanie Craig and Bill McGrath, along with regional coaches and national leaders from the IRN, supported greater understanding in designing UDL implementation plans. The day’s format was based around:

  • UDL implementation tools and resources for teachers, coaches, and administrators
  • UDL Planning: Work with national & regional leaders in designing your team’s action plan.  
  • Dedicated consultation/coaching and personalized professional learning for you and your team.

If you are interested in hosting a regional event, please contact McKenzie Nicholis at mckenzie.nicholis@udl-irn.org